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Welcome to Elim Fellowship Canada

Elim Fellowship is a missional family made of pastors, missionaries, executives, churches and ministries. We truly are a global movement! Being a part of Elim Fellowship gives you access to conferences, resources, coaching, accountability, and relationship with the greater global Elim team.

The Elim family at every leadership level is dedicated to helping you grow into all that God has for you in your life, ministry, and calling.

General Conference 2023

Making Room 

“for a fresh move of God”

President's Message

Pastor Ralph Byma

Though many have felt isolated over the past few years, God has a promise for you – you are not alone!  Not only that, but He has ‘great and unsearchable things’ to share with you!

At Elim Fellowship Canada our story gives us deep roots that add to our ability to help launch world changers into their destiny. 


Elim Fellowship Canada to Partner with Elim Bible Institute and College

For many, attending bible college hasn’t always been an accessible option.  But making the decision to follow God’s call is both a challenging and rewarding experience that can shape your worldview and help you grow in your relationship with God.

There are hundreds of colleges like Elim that can grant you a degree and broaden your horizons. But Elim is different. It’s not just about developing skills and acquiring knowledge. It’s a training ground for a higher purpose.

Elim Fellowship Canada, in partnership with Elim Fellowship and Elim Bible Institue and College, is making it easier than ever before to grow in your understanding of God, His word and your calling.

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