About Us

“At Elim Fellowship Canada our purpose is to provide visionary leadership, spiritual covering, pastoral care, mutual accountability, ministry resources and fellowship for its credential holders, affiliated churches and ministries.

We also purpose to fellowship with, encourage and edify the whole body of Christ.”

Our Core Values

These core values are the principles and priorities that represent the foundational commitments and deeply held beliefs that guide us in our pursuit of Jesus and help us reach the world with His gospel.

Evangelistic passion and witness to the gospel in Canada and other nations

Serving with simplicity and sacrifice

An authority of Godly influence without control

The ministry of reconciliation in restoring broken lives, relationships, churches and ministries

An emphasis of worship and the manifestation of spiritual gifts among our leaders

Discerning, pursuing and participating in any fresh emphasis or revival of the Holy Spirit

Promoting relationships of integrity throughout the Body of Christ encompassing both genders, all races and all ethnic groups

Being a people pursuing God’s presence

Prayer and Intercession

Our History

Elim Bible Institute was founded in 1924 by Ivan Q. Spencer and his wife Minnie Spencer in Hornell, New York. Spencer, a young minister, had a vision to train ministers to work in revival and renewal movements. The Elim Fellowship began a few years later in 1933 as the Elim Ministerial Fellowship, an informal fellowship of ministers who had graduated from Elim Bible Institute. In 1947, this loose network was incorporated as Elim Missionary Assemblies. In 1972 the name Elim Fellowship was officially adopted. Elim, describing itself as a “worldwide revival fellowship”, serves, supports, and networks pastors, missionaries, churches, and other ministers and ministries. The Elim Fellowship of Evangelical Churches and Ministers (Canada) was incorporated in 1982.

Meet Our Team

Elim Fellowship Canada Leadership Team

We’re grateful to be able to serve the needs of the community.  If ever you need to get in contact with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Ralph Byma

Ralph serves as the President of Elim Fellowship Canada.

Bob Warriner

Bob serves as the Vice President of Elim Fellowship Canada.

Claude Favreau

Claude is an itinerant minister from Drummondville QC and serves an an Elder at Elim Fellowship Canada.

Silas Lazar

Silas serves as an Elder at Elim Fellowship Canada as well as the president of Silas Lazar Evangelical Fellowship.

Al Craig

Al is a minister in Hamilton and serves as an Elder at Elim Fellowship Canada.

JF Denis

JF is the host of Theovox.tv and serves as an Elder at Elim Fellowship Canada

Marilyn Brooks

Marilyn leads the ministry Get UP! in Oshawa Ontario and serves as an Elder at Elim Fellowship Canada.

Tammy Hamilton

Tammy serves as a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces and as an Elder at Elim Fellowship Canada.

Affiliated Ministries

Elim Fellowship Canada consists of many different churches and ministries throughout the nation.  


Marilyn created this ministry to help guide you from where you are to where you would love to be.  Think it’s too late for you?  Think again!


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