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Elim Fellowship Canada to Partner with Elim Bible Institute and College

We are excited to announce that Elim Fellowship Canada will be officially partnering with Elim Bible Institute and College to provide education to you via online and virtual classes!

We have an articulation agreement with Kingswood University (Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada).

A student who completes the AAS degree at Elim will be able to transfer ALL his/her credits to this university while applying for their BA in Ministry, BA in Christian Education, or BTh.

Virtual Live Classes

Canadian Students can join EBIC residential classes virtually.

Such students could also get together in their own churches to pray together, do student ministry, or create a study group.

However, each student must be enrolled individually. They could connect individually or in groups of two to each class. (Since students participate in class as if they were here on campus, they need to be seen on camera – as such, it works best if each student sits in front of their own laptop (camera), or two students are sitting together. Larger groups don’t work well, as it’s hard to see each student.)

Students register in March for classes in the Fall, and in October for classes in the Spring. The schedule for Fall 23 will be available in March. The schedule for Spring 24 will be available in October. Therefore, students joining us virtually (whether it’s full-time or part-time, are able to plan in advance).

Asynchronous distance education classes provide an opportunity to learn without changing your location and give students the ability to access instruction at separate times. Objectives and assignments are well defined in advance. Regular and substantial communication with the professor and other classmates is required, however, there are no preset times to connect online. This format allows you to complete your work by the due date when it best fits your schedule.

GREAT NEWS –  We are going to extend our full-scholarship drawing to Canadian students.

However, only residential students qualify for such a drawing. Since virtual or standard distance ed. students have to pay tuition only, the cost is significantly reduced already.

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