The whole Christ, our sufficiency; the whole Bible, our textbook; the whole church our fellowship; the whole world our parish.

Our Mission

The mission of Elim Fellowship is to glorify God and His Son Jesus Christ and to obey Christ's mandate to preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations.

To this end we are committed to serving and equipping our worldwide constituency in carrying out their respective missions.

Our Statement of Purpose

Elim Fellowship is an association of churches, ministries, ministers and missionaries seeking to serve the whole body of Christ. It is of Pentecostal conviction and Charismatic orientation providing credentials and counsel for ministers and offering counsel to and encouraging fellowship among local churches.

Elim Fellowship Canada was incorporated in 1984 in affiliation with Elim Fellowship, Lima, New York. Elim U.S. was established in 1933 to be an informal fellowship of churches, ministers and missionaries developing from individuals trained at Elim Bible Institute. Elim has since grown to become a worldwide fellowship.

The purpose of Elim Fellowship is to provide visionary leadership, spiritual covering, pastoral care, mutual accountability, ministry resources and fellowship for its credential holders, affiliated churches and ministries. We also purpose to fellowship with, encourage and edify the whole body of Christ.

Elim Bible Institute
Since its founding in 1924, Elim Bible Institute and College has been committed to preparing Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered leaders for end-time global revival. Today, there are thousands of seasoned leaders all around the world who received their training at Elim. Their lives and ministries are a testimony to God’s faithfulness to us in carrying out the purpose He has given us.
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